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We have the team of experts, and the professional know-how to help you get it done.  From songwriters to filmmakers, photographers to producers, our creative network can fulfill your needs, and exceed your expectations.  Everything is possible here.

Production + Licensing
Music Consultation

Our events are legendary and unforgettable.  Whether you need a host to emcee your awards ceremony, a DJ at your wedding, or a  production team to organize entertainment for your corporate gathering, we are ready to get your party started! 


Our experience in event planning varies from corporate conferences and large community block parties to weddings and small, intimate settings.  Let's talk about what your event goals are, and see what magic we can facilitate!


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The right music makes everything sweeter.  From ambient techno and dubstep to hood-rattling hip hop and neo-soul, we have the in-house producers and songwriters that can create the perfect mood/setting for your upcoming film, TV, or music project. 


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The musical landscape has changed completely in the past 10 years, and this change will continue exponentially into the future. Today’s artists/musicians must be incredibly savvy in multiple ways in order to be heard in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Despite the change, certain market principles remain constant. Music isn’t going anywhere.  It still has significant value. There is just much, much more of it now than there has ever been before. This trend will continue as software and technological advancements make it easier for the creation of music.


Need to figure out your brand as an artist?  Want to learn how to tell your story better?  Do you need to figure out how to navigate social media?  Want to get as much bang for your buck as possible when producing your music?  Need to shoot a music video, or find talent to help you develop your ideas?

How will YOU stand out?  Hit us up, and let's make a plan together.


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